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Principal’s Message ~ September 17

Welcome to week 6!   Thank you for another great week! As the San Francisco weather continues to fluctuate, please remember to always pack layers of clothing for your child.  Children should always have a jacket handy in case it is cold during recess and lunch. And please remember to label ALL clothing items!

We continue to encourage our students to wear their mask correctly, keep a safe distance and to wash their hands often. Please continue to answer the health screening questions before coming to school every morning. While having students back to school in-person is both beneficial and exciting, we must work together to keep our students, staff and family safe. We appreciate our community’s vigilance and cooperation thus far and hope to continue working together to keep us healthy.

Don’t forget you can have your child tested for free with Color Lab at various locations across the city. Check the schedule and locations here.

Updates & Reminders:

1. School Site Council (SSC) Nominations are due 9/23/2021. The SSC needs your help to fill 2 upcoming vacant seats on our School Site Council. If you are interested in joining, please click here for the self-nomination form. Catherine Reid, SSC Chair, sent more information via email & ParentSquare on September 8th. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any other questions. You may contact Ms. Kasner, Principal, at or Catherine Reid, SSC Chair, at

2.  FSK Family Welcome Back Check in: Thank you to the 75 families who have responded to our Welcome Back Check-in Survey! We still want to hear from ALL our families. Please take a moment to fill out our Welcome Back Check in Survey and let us know how your child is adjusting and if there is anything we can do to support you and your family. Thank you, in advance, for your time and input.

3.  Latinx Heritage Month 2021: As a community, we strive to be a place where all our students feel seen and heard. Our staff is dedicated to promoting self-love, inclusion and solidarity within our community. We continue to learn about and celebrate the rich history and culture of the Latinx community through books and research. We encourage you to learn more at home too! Please visit the SF Public Library for more information.

4.  Walk & Roll to School Day – Wednesday October 6, 2021.   Thousands of students across San Francisco will walk, bike, scoot, and roll to school on Wednesday, October 6. The event builds year long excitement around getting to school in people-powered ways that are good for our health, environment, and communities. Parents and caregivers: be sure to mark your calendar! Learn more at

Updates from the PTA

Our PTA Events and Fundraisers are a great way to be involved and support our wonderful school.

Please visit our websites & log onto ParentSquare for the latest updates:

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • Friday September 24th: School Spirit Day – Wear BLUE
  • Monday October 11th: Indigenous Peoples’ Day NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday October 12th: Make-up Picture Day

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. See you Monday morning!


Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

欢迎来到第 6 周!


我们继续鼓励我们的学生正确佩戴口罩,保持安全距离并经常洗手。请在每天早上来学校之前继续回答健康检查问题。虽然让学生亲自返校既有益又令人兴奋,但我们必须共同努力,确保我们的学生、教职员工和家人的安全。我们感谢社区迄今为止的警惕和合作,并希望继续共同努力,让我们保持健康。不要忘记,您可以在全市不同地点使用 Color Lab 免费为您的孩子进行测试。在此处查看时间表和地点。


1. 学校委员会 (SSC) 提名:截止 2021 年 9 月 23 日。 SSC 需要您的帮助来填补我们学校委员会即将空缺的 2 个席位。如果您有兴趣加入,请点击此处获取自我提名表格。 SSC 主席 Catherine Reid 于 9 月 8 日通过电子邮件和 ParentSquare 发送了更多信息。如有任何其他问题,请随时与我们联系。您可以通过 联系校长 Kasner 女士或通过 联系 SSC 主席 Catherine Reid。

2. FSK欢迎家庭返校调查:我们想知道您和您的家人近况怎么样!请花点时间填写我们的欢迎返校调查,让我们知道您孩子的适应情况,以及我们是否可以做些什么来支持您和您的家人。提前感谢您的时间和投入。

3. 2021 年拉丁裔传统月:作为一个社区,我们努力成为所有学生都能感受到被看到、听到和被包容的地方。我们的员工致力于促进自爱。我们继续通过书籍、课程作业和研究来庆祝拉丁裔社区丰富的历史和文化。我们鼓励您在家中这样做!请访问旧金山公共图书馆了解更多信息

4. 步行上学日 – 2021 年 10 月 6 日,星期三旧金山各地的数千名学生将于 10 月 6 日(星期三)步行、骑自行车、滑板车和滚车上学。该活动为人们以对我们的健康、环境和社区有益的方式上学而建立了长达一年的兴奋。父母和看护人:一定要在日历上做标记!在 上了解更多信息。

来自 PTA 的更新

我们的 PTA 活动和筹款活动是参与和支持我们优秀学校的绝佳方式。


  • 9 月 24 日星期五:学校精神日 – 穿蓝色
  • 10 月 11 日星期一:土著人民节不上课
  • 10 月 12 日星期二:照片补拍日



Kasner校长, Page副校长

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