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Principal’s Message ~ May 2nd

Welcome to Week 34!  We are entering the last month of school and cannot believe we are down to just 22 days of school left!  While summer is quickly approaching, we still have many activities coming up this month.

Our wonderful PTA has launched the Spring Season of Appreciation for all our FSK teachers and staff. Please join us in celebrating our amazing staff and letting them know how much they are appreciated.

We are also highlighting our April Student of the Month winners for Sense of Purpose, Sense of Self. Congratulations to you all!

Finally, we highlight the  month of May as a celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage.  As we focus this month to celebrate the contributions of generations of AAPIs to American society & culture, we also acknowledge the rise in violent anti-asian rhetoric that continues to hurt our nation and the importance of standing together in solidarity against racism. While anti-racist work takes much longer than one month, we use the month of May to celebrate and make space to create joy, healing and education for all the diverse richness of Asian and Pacific Islander cultures. Please check out our  Virtual IDEAS Gallery in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month.   Please also see  Ms. Kasner’s Digital Story  about her own experience.

Please view this Morning Message video from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page and see the updates below!


URGENT HELP: SFUSD Family Culture & Climate Survey ~ Please Help Us – Due May 4, 2021:                                       It’s time for our annual survey to see how our families feel about our school and your child’s learning and how we can improve! Your feedback is extremely important to us. Please fill out this anonymous short survey FSK Family Survey in  ENGLISHChineseSpanish  before May 4th.   Only one survey per family is needed. Thank you for your support!

In-person learning: Reminder about Car Intake & Pick up:

Car intake and pick up Lane:   Please remember that our car intake lane is one-way and will line up around the school and move along clockwise.  Cars should enter the queue from the West side of Kirkham (closer to the beach) and make a right turn onto 42nd Avenue.  In order to keep our students and families safe and to avoid traffic and pedestrian congestion at the corner of 42nd and Kirkham, please make sure you enter the car lane from the corner of 43rd Avenue and Kirkham.   Please view map here.   Our students’ safety is our priority!

Bike & Roll to School:

Bike and Roll to School week is next week May 10th – 14th!  View fun activities and prizes here.  Families may participate online by visiting the website and confirming your daily participation.

Kinder & 5th Grade Promotions:

We have set tentative dates for our Kinder & 5th Grade promotions!  We are still working out the details and teachers will be in touch once we have more information to share. For now, please mark your calendars:

  • 5th Grade Promotion ceremony via Zoom – Wednesday 5/26  at 8:30am
  • Kinder Promotion ceremony via Zoom – Friday 5/28  at 9:00am

Summer Springboard Program:

FSK, in collaboration with Springboard, will be offering a summer reading program on site to our K-3 students based on reading levels.  Teachers will reach out to you if your child qualifies and you may sign up online. We will send the application info to you once we receive the recommendation from the teachers. The program will run from June 9 to July 14, from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm at FSK.  With the support of our ASLP, we will also be able to offer the after school program for the students enrolled in the Springboard program from 12:30 – 5:00pm daily till the end of the program.  More details to come from your teacher.

Student Picture Day Schedule:

  • May 4th (Tuesday), Grade 3 – 207, 208,  4th & 5th grade  Cohort A (  201, 202, 203, 205, 206, 218)
  • May 6th (Thursday), Grade 3 – 209, 210,  4th & 5th grade  Cohort B (201, 202, 203, 205, 206, 218)
  • May 8th (Saturday), 10:00am – 2:00pm:   To allow parents to accompany their children to campus for school picture, we are offering a Picture Day for our Distance Learners on Saturday May 8th. If your child missed in-person picture day, you may also attend this date.  The gate on 42nd Avenue will be open for families so please enter through the yard and line up outside of the cafeteria, entering one by one to have your picture taken. Remember to visit the website to view and purchase pictures, see below.
  • Visit ;  Picture Day ID:  EVTZ2NTGJ

Sunset Church, After-School Care Support

Sunset Church is offering a free or low-cost after school program to our school community. They still have 10 spaces available. The program runs from 2:30-5:00p M,T, Th, F, and 1:15-5:00p on Wednesdays to complement the FSK schedule till the end of the school year.  Please sign up on the website here, or email Lorraine Lee at the church to learn more information.

Have a wonderful week this week!  Stay safe and stay healthy!

Sending hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page


我们还将重点庆祝学生在“自我意识”方面的“ 4月学生”获奖者。恭喜大家!

最后,我们重点介绍5月,以庆祝亚裔和太平洋岛民(AAPI)遗产文化。在我们集中精力庆祝AAPI移民对美国社会和文化的贡献时,我们也认识到反亚裔暴力言论的增加(这种言论继续伤害着我们的国家)在此强调团结一致反对种族主义的重要性。尽管反种族主义的工作要花费超越一个月的时间,但我们在5月份来庆祝并腾出空间,为亚洲和太平洋岛民文化的所有丰富多样性创造欢乐,治愈和教育。请查看我们的虚拟IDEAS画廊,以庆祝AAPI遗产月请看Kasner 校长 的短篇故事



现在是开始进行年度调查的时候,看看我们的家人对我们学校的看法以及您孩子的学习情况以及我们如何改善自己的生活!您的反馈对我们非常重要。请在5月4日之前填写此匿名简短调查 FSK家庭调查(中文/西班牙文)。每个家庭仅需要填一份调查。谢谢您的支持!


接送通道:请记住,我们的车道是单向的,将在学校周围排队并沿顺时针方向行驶。汽车应从Kirkham的西侧(更靠近海滩)进入队列,然后右转进入42nd Avenue。为了确保我们的学生和家庭安全,并避免在第42和Kirkham的拐角处的交通和行人拥堵,请确保您从第43 Avenue和Kirkham的拐角进入车道。请在这里查看地图。





  • 通过Zoom举行的5年级促销仪式-5月26日星期三@ 8:30
  • 通过Zoom进行Kinder推广仪式-周五5/28 @ 9:00 am


FSK将与Springboard合作,根据阅读水平为K-3学生提供暑期阅读班。如果您的孩子有资格,老师将与您联系,您可以在线注册。收到老师的推荐后,我们会向您发送申请信息。该计划将于6月9日至7月14日上午8:30-下午12:30在FSK开设。在我们的ASLP的支持下,我们还将能够为每天12:30-5:00 pm课程结束的已加入Springboard课程的学生提供课后课程。更多细节即将到来。


  • 5月4日(星期二),三年级班级- 207、208,四年级和五年级同类群组A(201、202、203、205、206、218)
  • 5月6日(星期四),三年级班级-209、210,四年级和五年级B组(201、202、203、205、206、218)
  • 5月8日(星期六),上午10:00-下午2:00,为了可以让父母陪伴孩子到校园来拍照,我们在5月8日星期六为我们的远程学习学生提供了“周末拍照日”。如果您的孩子错过了面对面的拍照日,您也可以这天来参加。从42大街的大门进入,请穿过院子到餐厅门外面排队进来拍照。请记住访问该网站以查看和购买图片。
  • 访问 https://my.lifetouch.com图片日编号:EVTZ2NTGJ


日落教堂(Sunset Church)正在为我们的学校社区提供免费或低成本的课后班。他们仍有10个空位。该计划在每周周一,二,四和五的2:30-5 点,和周三的1:15-5进行,以相应FSK时间表,直到学年结束。请在此处的网站上注册,或给教堂的Lorraine Lee发送电子邮件以了解更多信息。







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