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Principals’ Message ~ June 23

Good afternoon FSK families and community members.  We hope that you and your families have been able to enjoy some quality time together so far this summer and are finding a balance between work, home life and self-care.

We wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the recent events that have been taking place around our world, and more specifically, around our city. As many of you see on the news, our world is partaking in peaceful protests against police brutality and racial inequalities. We encourage our community to take this time to speak candidly with your families and children about what is happening around us and the importance of speaking out against these injustices. SFUSD staff have compiled a brief list of books, articles, videos, websites and other resources for families to explore race and social justice with children of different ages.

More recently, this past weekend, some demonstrators tore down three historic statues; one of them including the statue of Francis Scott Key in Golden Gate Park.  Due to the nature of these specific incidents and the close relation to our school name and community, we wanted to bring this to your attention and assure you that we are taking steps to ensure safety for our school community (KRON 4 news).  As we continue to reflect on what is happening, we have been in communication with SFUSD about potentially changing the name of our school and the necessary steps to take.  While we understand the important history of our school name, we also want to have a school community that stands in solidarity with the fight against social injustices.

We know that safety for our students, staff, families and community is of utmost importance.  We will continue to keep you informed with any updates and impacts to our community. For now, please be safe and reach out to us if you have any questions.

We acknowledge the pain, frustration and anger that many folks around our country are facing and we continue our support for creating a more anti-racist community.  As administration, in collaboration with the District, we truly believe that our work in public education is to raise our children to be critical thinkers and empower them to lead with kindness and to challenge systemic oppression.  For more information and ideas on how to speak with your children and families about these matters, please CLICK HERE to see the additional resources.

We stand with you in solidarity and our fight to create a better, more just world for our community.
With gratitude,
Mimi Kasner, Principal  (
Megan Page, Assistant Principal  (



We are in this together, FSK!  Please continue to stay safe and healthy!


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