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Principals’ Message ~ July 24

Hello FSK families and staff,

We hope you have been able to have a restful summer and are taking advantage of your last few weeks. Although this school year will start off differently, staff at FSK are so excited to begin classes with you on August 17th!

We have a few announcements for you as we approach the 2020-2021 school year:

Superintendent Dr. Matthews made the announcement on July 15th that we will begin this school year with Distance Learning. We understand this brings up a lot of questions and we are working closely with the District and our school leadership teams to provide as much clarity as possible. Dr. Matthews also mentioned that the District is working on a detailed plan to improve Distance Learning and support families and students for the coming year that should be shared with the public on July 29th. As a school site, we will review the guidelines from the District and work closely with our teachers to create a specific plan for your child. We will communicate this with you as soon as we have the plan.

Our FSK families should be expecting an email next week where you will learn who your child’s teacher is and receive a class list of students. Teachers will be reaching out to each family to introduce themselves, ask for parent volunteers and share a Classroom Contact List which will help build a support network for each classroom. If you would not like your information shared with the class, please inform your child’s teacher. We understand many of you may want support with academics or childcare and we encourage families to reach out to each other for further communication. We would also like to remind you that SFUSD teachers may not work as private tutors for students in our District.

Lastly, our school leadership teams have met and further discussed the idea of changing our school name. In the wake of a nationwide push toward a more just society, we feel it is our responsibility to align our school name with historical figures who honor social justice and uplift the core values of SFUSD. We know this is a huge task to take on and we look forward to having more input from our greater school community. At this time, we are focusing our efforts on the start of school in the Fall, but come early September, we will dedicate our time to creating a School Name Change committee and communicating with all our stakeholders for ideas and input.

We wanted to acknowledge that many of you may be feeling anxious about this school year, and that the feelings are completely normal. We are in this situation together and we are going to ask that we continue to show compassion and grace toward yourself, your children, your families and your school community. We are here to listen to you and support you in whatever way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Sending big virtual hugs to each of you,

Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page





学监Matthews博士于7月15日宣布,我们本学年将远程学习开始。我们知道这会带来很多问题,正在与学区和我们的学校领导团队密切合作,以提供尽可能清晰的信息。 Matthews博士还提到,学区正在制定详细计划,以改善来年的远程学习及对家庭和学生提供支持,该计划应在7月29日与公众分享。作为学校,我们将审查学区的指导方针,并与我们的老师紧密合作,为您的孩子制定具体计划。并会尽快将制定计划与您进行沟通。





校长Kasner 和副校长 Page

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