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Principals’ Message ~ December 14th

Happy Week 17!  This is our last week before Winter Break! To kick off our celebration, we hope you can join the PTA-sponsored Winter Dance Party Friday, December 18th from 4-6pm! Kindergarten – 2nd grade can join from 4-5pm and 3rd – 5th graders can join from 5-6pm (Zoom Link // Meeting ID: 917 9502 5236). We are so proud of all the hard work you have done this semester and you all deserve some fun and relaxation.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday break with your family. Please stay safe and stay healthy! We’ll see you back on Zoom Tuesday, January 5th, 2021!

Click here to view your Monday Morning video Message from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page.

Some reminders for this week:

1. Thank you to our Mod/Severe SDC & K-2 families who filled out the District survey about returning to in-person learning. We are working hard to compile the data and are patiently awaiting more direction from the District. We will be sure to communicate any information we have when we receive it.

2. Our School Name Change Committee would like to give a huge shout out to all our community members – including the students! – for participating in providing suggestions for new names for our school. SNCC has compiled the final survey and would like your input! Please vote on your TOP THREE names on this survey by Friday, December 18th at noon.

3. Grab & Go Meals are still available for SFUSD students and their siblings. View locations and more information at Download Grab & Go Calendar & see December schedule here.

4. Visit the SFUSD technology resources page at for links to instructional videos, recorded webinars, and information on SFUSD technology tools and platforms during distance learning. If your child is getting disconnected from Zoom, it may be your Internet connection. Check out the Chromebook Troubleshooting and Hotspot Troubleshooting guides. Still need support? Submit a request for help!

5. Looking ahead, the last day of Fall semester will be Friday 12/18.  Winter break will take place from Monday December, 21st – Monday January, 4th Classes will resume on Tuesday January 5th, 2021.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!  Stay safe and stay kind.

Sending you all big hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page


第17周快乐!这是我们寒假之前的最后一周!为庆祝节日拉开序幕,我们希望您可以参加由PTA赞助的冬季舞蹈晚会,即12月18日,星期五,下午4点至下午6点!幼儿园-2年级可以从下午4-5点开始加入,而3-5年级可以从下午5-6点开始加入(Zoom Link//会议ID:917 9502 5236)。我们为您在本学期所做的所有努力而感到自豪,你们都应该一起快乐和放松。



1. 感谢我们的Mod / Severe SDC和K-2家庭,他们填写了有关返回亲身学习的地区调查。我们正在努力汇编数据,并耐心等待更多指示。当我们收到信息时,我们将确保传达任何信息。

2. 我们的学校名称变更委员会谨向包括学生在内的所有社区成员大声疾呼! -起参与为我们学校的新名字提供建议。 SNCC已整理了最终调查,并希望您的意见!请在12月18日星期五中午之前在此调查中对您的前三名进行投票。

3. SFUSD学生及其兄弟姐妹仍可使用Grab&Go Meals。在中查看位置和更多信息。下载Grab & Go Calendar日历。

4. 请访问 上的SFUSD技术资源页面,以获取指向教学视频,录制的网络研讨会以及远程学习期间SFUSD技术工具和平台的信息的链接.

5. 展望未来,秋季学期的最后一天将是12/18星期五。寒假将于12月21日星期一至1月4日星期一举行。课程将于2021年1月5日星期二恢复。






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