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Principals’ Message ~ August 28

Welcome to week 3!

Thank you for another fantastic week.  We want to give an extra special welcome to all our new families! We have had more than 30 families join our FSK community since the first day of school.  We are so excited to have your children join us and become the newest members of our FSK family. Thank you for choosing our school and we hope you continue to feel welcomed and included.

As COVID cases continue to pop up throughout our District, we’d like to remind all our families of the importance of keeping each other safe and healthy. Even though we are outside, please wear your masks during drop-off and pick-up and keep a safe distance between families. Please continue to do the home health screening before coming to school and notify the office if your child will stay home. Continue to practice promoting healthy habits and hand washing.  By working together, we can continue to keep our community safe!  Thank you.

Updates & Reminders:

  • Back-To-School Night:  Each year, this event is for parents to meet their student’s teacher and visit the classroom. Parents get to hear what the teachers have planned for the year and have their questions answered as best as possible. Our teachers will send a slide deck to you with information about your child’s class. Please read through it and join us on Tuesday night, 8/31 at 6pm with your questions. Due to the current COVID situation, please follow these guidelines:
    1. Only ONE adult family member per student.
    2. For student’s safety, please leave all children at home – this is an adult-only event and we will not provide child care.
    3. Do the health self-screening before you come to campus.
    4. Wear your mask at ALL times – indoor & outdoor – regardless of vaccination status.
    5. Please arrive & enter the yard through the gate on 42nd Ave at 6:00pm
    6. Find your child’s teacher in the yard according to the map.
    7. Teachers will have a short presentation and Q&A on the yard or in the classroom (building map of classrooms).
    8. If you have multiple children, you may visit with your children’s teachers on the yard between 6:00-6:15pm  or  6:40-7:00pm.
  • Important Forms you MUST Fill Out:
    1. Emergency Card:  This is a very important document for us to have. If you have not filled it out, please logon to ParentVUE to fill out all the information. If there is any emergency or disaster, teachers will need to access this information to contact you or a designated person.
    2. Multipurpose Family Income Form:  Help us secure essential funding for our school by filling out this form.
    3. Kinder Immunization Forms:  Please make sure your child’s records are updated on ParentVue.
  • ParentSquare: Please make sure you register for ParentSquare so you can receive updates and information from the school and PTA. School and Class communication, reminders, etc.
    1. Fill out the FORM today!
  • School Picture Day: Thursday, September 2nd.  Picture order forms have been sent home or you may go to and enter the school code, EVT2R9W32.  Students will take photos during their class’ scheduled time and follow safety protocols (line order, mask-wearing when not being photographed, one class at a time, maintaining distance while waiting, etc.)
  • Online Learning Program: If your child was accepted to the Online Learning Program (OLP) or the On-Demand Learning Program (ODLP), please review this Video Playlist for more information. You may also visit the website for more information, slide decks, and FAQs.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you Monday morning!


Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page


欢迎来到第 3 周!

感谢您和我们一起又度过了美好的一周。我们在此特别欢迎我们所有的新家庭!自开学第一天起,我们有 30 多个家庭加入了我们的 FSK 社区。很高兴您的孩子成为我们 FSK 大家庭的最新成员。谢谢您选择我们学校,我们希望您继续受到欢迎和容入。

随着 COVID 病例在我们学区不断涌现,我们想提醒我们所有的家庭保持彼此安全和健康的重要性。即使我们在外面,也请在接送时戴上口罩,并与家人保持安全距离。请在来学校之前继续进行家庭健康检查,并通知办公室您的孩子是否会待在家里。继续练习促进健康习惯和洗手。通过共同努力,我们可以继续保持我们社区的安全!谢谢!


返校之夜:每年,这个活动都是为了让家长与学生的老师见面并参观教室。家长们可以听到老师对这一年的计划,并尽可能地回答他们的问题。我们的老师会向您发送一张幻灯片,其中包含有关您孩子班级的信息。请通读它,并在周二晚上(8月31日)带着您的问题加入我们。由于当前的 COVID 情况,请遵循以下准则:


为了学生的安全,请将所有学生留在家中 – 这是仅限成人参加的活动,我们不提供儿童看护服务


始终佩戴口罩 – 室内和室外 – 无论疫苗接种状态如何

请于下午 6:00 通过 42nd Ave 的大门到达并进入院子



如果您有多个孩子,您可以在 6:00-6:15 或 6:40-7:00 之间与您孩子的老师在院子里见




Kinder 免疫表格:请确保您孩子的记录在 ParentVue 上更新

ParentSquare:请确保您注册了 ParentSquare,以便您可以从学校和 PTA 接收更新和信息。校班交流、提醒等。今天填写表格!

学校照片日:9 月 2 日星期四,图片订购单已寄回家。学生将按各个班级规定的时间拍照并遵守安全规程(排队顺序、不拍照时戴口罩、一次一节课、等待时保持距离等)

在线学习计划:如果您的孩子被在线学习计划 (OLP) 或按需学习计划 (ODLP) 录取,请查看此视频播放列表以了解更多信息。您还可以访问该网站以获取更多信息、幻灯片和常见问题解答。Morning Message – week 3 – 8.30.21.pdf



Kasner校长, Page副校长



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