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Principal’s Message ~ August 20

Welcome to week 2!  It has been such a great first week back with our students. Students have gone from starting the year feeling a bit nervous and scared to excited and happy being at school – mostly because they get to see their friends! We know it has been a different start to the school year and that it can be hard to say goodbye to your child at the gate and watch from afar, especially for our younger students and new families. We want you to know that your children are well taken care of; they are resilient, flexible and adapt quickly. Thank you for entrusting us with your child and we appreciate your support in continuing to keep all our staff and students healthy and safe.   Check out our short video to see how students enjoyed their first week back!

Due to the nature of circumstances changing frequently, we want to remind every member of our community to stay vigilant and do our part to keep our children, staff and families safe. By working together, we have a better chance to protect our community. While we have a tentative plan in place for what happens if there is a positive COVID case on campus, we will need to investigate and make decisions on a case by case basis that will take various factors into consideration. When we need to move forward with a plan, we will communicate promptly and clearly with the community.

Updates & Reminders:

  • Self-Screening:   Please remember to screen your child before coming to schoolStaying home when you are sick is an important way to keep us all safe.  Please email the office and let Ms. Betty ( know if your child will be staying home. If your child needs to stay home for a few days, we can offer short-term Independent Study. Please contact Ms. Page for more information (
  • Online Learning Program:  The application for the Online Learning Program will end Friday, August 27th. You can expect to be notified by September 7th if you have been accepted to the program. Please visit the website for more information.
  • Air Quality & Lunchtime:   We appreciate the continuous input about how we can make improvements for our students and staff. With the support and prompt action of our PTA board, we were able to secure 13 picnic tables to support outdoor lunch for all students. Moving forward, our students will eat outdoors permitting weather and air quality. If the AQI reaches the orange tier, we will follow District guidelines closely and shift to indoor dining. You can check the daily AQI here.
  • Morning Community Time:   Each morning, we will spend a few minutes for community building. Here is the theme for each day.
    • Monday:  School announcements and student celebrations
    • Tuesday:  Fitness and Warm Up with Mr. Speidel
    • Wednesday:  Mindfulness
    • Thursday:  Fitness and Warm Up with Mr. Speidel
    • Friday:  FSK Spirit Day – wear school colors (blue & yellow), logo wear or the special school-wide theme of the week

Upcoming Events & Important Dates:

  • Back to School Night: Tuesday, August 31st (more details to come) 6:00 pm
  • School Picture Day:  Thursday, September 2nd
  • Labor Day Holiday – No School:  Monday, September 6th

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you Monday morning!


Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page


欢迎来到第 2 周!和我们的学生一起返校的第一周真是太棒了。学生们从开学时有点紧张和害怕变成了在学校兴奋和快乐-—主要是因为他们可以见到他们的朋友!我们知道这是一个不同的学年开始,在门口与您的孩子说再见并远远地观看不是一件容易的事,尤其是对于我们年幼的学生和新家庭。我们希望您知道您的孩子得到了很好的照顾;他们具有弹性、灵活性和快速适应能力。感谢您将您的孩子托付给我们,我们感谢您继续支持我们所有员工和学生的健康和安全。请查看我们的短片,了解学生们如何享受他们回来的第一周!

由于环境的性质经常变化,我们想提醒我们社区的每一位成员保持警惕,并尽自己的一份力量来保护我们的孩子、员工和家庭的安全。通过共同努力,我们有更好的机会来保护我们的社区。虽然我们已经制定了临时计划,以应对校园出现 COVID 阳性病例时会发生的情况,但我们仍需要根据具体情况进行调查,并在考虑各种因素的情况下做出决定。当我们需要推进计划时,我们会及时、清晰地与社区沟通。


  • 自我筛查:请记得在来学校之前对您的孩子进行筛查!生病时待在家里是确保我们所有人安全的重要方式。请给办公室发电子邮件,让 Betty 女士 ( 知道您的孩子是否会待在家里。如果您的孩子需要在家呆几天,我们可以提供短期独立学习。请联系Page副校长了解更多信息(。
  • 在线学习计划在线学习计划的申请将于 8 月 27 日星期五结束。如果您已被该计划录取,您可能会在 9 月 7 日之前收到通知。请访问网站了解更多信息。
  • 空气质量和午餐时间:我们感谢不断为我们的学生和教职员工做出改进的意见。在我们 PTA 委员会的支持和迅速行动下,我们能够获得 13 张野餐桌来支持所有学生的户外午餐。展望未来,我们的学生将在天气和空气质量允许的情况下在户外用餐。如果 AQI 达到橙色等级,我们将密切遵循学区指南并转向室内用餐。您可以在此处查看每日 AQI
  • 早上社区时间:每天早上,我们都会花几分钟的时间进行社区建设。这是每天的主题:
    • 星期一:学校公告和学生庆祝活动
    • 周二:与 Speidel 先生一起健身和热身
    • 周三:正念
    • 星期四:与 Speidel 先生一起健身和热身
    • 星期五:FSK 精神日 – 穿学校的颜色、标志或本周的特殊学校主题衣服


  • 返校之夜:8 月 31 日,星期二(更多细节即将发布)晚六点
  • 学校图片日:9 月 2 日,星期四
  • 劳动节 – 不上课:9 月 6 日,星期一



Kasner校长, Page副校长



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