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Happy Back-to-School, FSK Community! The new shoes are good and scuffed, school lunch is the new favorite meal, and we are learning how to do homework over here. As we settle into our new routine, I wanted to reach out and encourage you all to join (or re-join!) the PTA.

Join today:

Meetings are optional, I promise, and there is no time commitment. Dues are $20 for the year; if that is a barrier, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I did not know what a PTA could do until I joined this one. But, this PTA is the reason all our kids now enjoy outdoor lunch. We organize science sacks and skate nights, fund literacy support and field trips, and do everything we can to enrich the educational experience for every student. Most importantly, we model the kind of local civic engagement that even the youngest children notice. If we want them to grow into active, engaged community members, what better way than to show them what that looks like in their own backyard?

Think global, act local.  Join the PTA! Students & Grandparents can join too!

Questions?  Email Tristen at

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