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Join our PTA General Meeting ~ September 23

Please join us for our virtual PTA GENERAL MEETING this, Thursday September 23rd at 6:30pm. ALL are welcome to join our meeting (not just for PTA members) to learn important information regarding our PTA Budget 2021-22 (Vote Needed), Fundraising, and upcoming PTA Events, as well as other important other FSK community information!

Thursday, September 23rd
6:30 – 8:00pm
Zoom Link: Shared by email and ParentSquare

Please see the attached Agenda for our meeting and see you all on Thursday evening at 6:30pm! The meeting will be recorded and posted online in case you can’t attend. Also included are our Meeting Minutes from the 8/26 General Meeting (both in English and Chinese).

Let’s do this, FSK!


请参加我们于 9 月 23 日星期四下午 6:30 举行的虚拟 PTA 会议。 欢迎大家参加我们的会议(不仅仅是 PTA 成员),以了解有关我们 2021-22 PTA 预算(需要投票)、筹款和即将举行的 PTA 活动以及其他重要 FSK 社区信息的重要信息!

9 月 23 日,星期四
下午 6:30-8:00
缩放链接:通过电子邮件和 ParentSquare 分享

请参阅随附的会议议程,我们周四晚上 6:30 Zoom 见! 会议将被记录并发布在网上,以防您无法参加。 它还包括我们 8/26 会议的记录(英文和中文)。



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