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OCTOBER 12-19, 2021


FSK, WE DID IT!    237 students, 22 classes, over 1,100 hours of active time,  AND $27,000 raised for our school!!!   

Way to go, FSK students!   What a fantastic week seeing our students rallying to be more active and bringing in thousands in donations to support our school.   We saw kids emptying their piggy banks by sending in coins; we heard about kids donating their tooth-fairy money; and, we saw generous donations from proud grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, and neighbors. The FSK community continues to grow even larger and stronger! A big thanks to all our FSK families who contributed.  Because of your support, our school funded the Playworks program’s Recess Reboot to make recess time more fun and organized with different kinds of play & activities.  Also, with your support, our Art in Action program is now fully funded and our children can further express their creative minds when lessons begin next month.

Congratulations to three students for winning the top individual awards:

  • First place:  Ana, K

  • Second place:  Toni, 3G

  • Third place:  Bensen, 2G


Thank you for making our 2021 Move-A-Thon a very successful event and FUNdraiser for our school community!


Get ready to Move, FSK!  We are excited to host our second FSK PTA  Move-A-Thon  event and Fundraiser from October 12 – 19, 2021!  It is a celebration of movement and community, all while raising much-needed funds for our wonderful public school.    The funds raised from pledge donations during this event will go directly to Art & Recess enrichment programs for ALL our students.  Every dollar raised goes directly to meeting our goal to enrich every FSK student’s education.  Please reach out to our Move-a-Thon Team if you have any questions:

How can students reach their goal of movement each day and complete our tracker of 5 hours between October 12-19?   
We hope your student will move in many ways during this week and we will all celebrate with a FABULOUS Closing Celebration Dance Party!
We have so many ways to encourage students to move this week:
— participate in their P.E. class with Mr. Speidel;
— participate in their teacher’s active/fitness time at school;
— participate in their after-school program recess/fitness time ;
— choose their own movement every day, after school and over the weekend (bike, walk/hike, dance, scoot, skateboard, jump rope, play soccer/baseball/volleyball/basketball/other sport, roller blade, GoNoodle, Cosmic Yoga…the choices are endless!). 
*The Tracker will be shared with students by all teachers and is here on our webpage.  
How can students help raise much-needed funds for our public school?  
Use the Pledge Sheet to collect pledges from family and friends and write down how much they are willing to give you per each activity square (20 minutes) to support our school.  On October 19th add up all the pledges you received for all your squares, and then please ask family/friends to send your parent/caregiver their donation. 
On October 20th, please ask your parent/caregiver to donate your entire pledge from everyone who signed up on your Pledge Sheet to our school!   
All students who submit their Activity Tracker to their teachers AND have their family submit a PLEDGE DONATION by October 20th will be eligible for a prize.  ***Please make sure to add your student’s name, grade and teacher in the “notes” section online  so we can match your donation to your student in order for them to be eligible for a prize.  

Pledge Donations will be accepted ONLINE at

Or, for those unable to donate online, please drop off your Move-A-Thon Check donation in the envelope provided with your child’s handouts; please make your check to ‘FSK PTA’ and drop it off in the labeled envelope to the school office by October 20th.   Please add “donation” in the memo section of the check. Thank you.
*The Pledge Sheet will be shared by all teachers and is here on our webpage.  


By October 20th, please make sure your student submits their Activity Tracker  AND their Pledge Donation, with the help of caregiver/parent.  

  • On October 19th, add up ALL the pledges your student received for their movement, and then please ask family/friends to send your parent/caregiver their donation to donate together in one sum or  ask them to donate DIRECTLY to FSK through the link below. 
  • On  October 20th, please make sure to submit your online  donation of all collected pledge donations to FSK!
    • All students who submit a completed 5 hours total Movement Tracker to their teacher AND have their family/friends submit a PLEDGE DONATION on their behalf by October 20th will be eligible for prizes.  Items must be submitted on time on October 20th to be considered for prizes; late entries may not be eligible for prizes.
    • Additionally, we will tally all the pledge donations, determine the TOP 3 PRIZE winners with the highest pledge donation amounts, and notify those students/families.  Stay tuned!   
  • Pledge Donations are accepted ONLINE at  (please add Student’s First & Last Names, Grade and Teacher in the ‘notes’ section)


Participation & Prizes:

We would love to have all our students participate in our Move-A-Thon!  If your student is unable to participate in the Move-A-Thon, we understand.  Would you kindly consider a direct donation to our FSK PTA to support our school and help reach our goal?  Thank you!

Prizes:  Students who participate by COMPLETING and turning in their tracker sheet showing they did all 5 HOURS AND have any online PLEDGE DONATION (at least $1) by Wednesday October 20th, with the student’s first/last name in the PayPal “notes” section, are eligible for a prize.  As an EXTRA incentive, students with the TOP 3 TOTAL PLEDGE DONATIONS will receive ADDITIONAL individual PRIZES and RECOGNITION (details will be revealed soon)!  Rewards and Prize Winners will be announced after the close of the Move-A-Thon on 10/25. This year, we also have a Grade-level prize AND fun STAFF PRIZES; stay tuned for more info soon.  

MOVE-A-THON Materials

A huge THANK YOU to Angela Chang (parent to 1st and 4th Graders) for designing our fantastic Move-A-Thon materials


Thank you all for your support.  If you have any Questions, please reach out to our Move-a-Thon Team at