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FSK School Mini Maker Faire, April 6th, 12-4pm

Join us for our annual FSK School Mini-Maker Faire this Saturday, April 6th, 12-4pm at our school yard!

  • Free admission for all ~ invite your family and friends!
  • Free activities for kids!
  • Food and Fabulous local art & other items available for purchase from our mini-Sunset Mercantile

The school yard will be transformed into our School’s Mini-Maker Faire, filled with dozens of engaging activities, projects and demonstrations provided by local organizations, businesses and our very own Rosalind Ng. It will also feature a Mini-Sunset Mercantile with a food truck and artisan row of local makers, merchants and artists.  This event is open to the public so please help spread the word…it’s a really special event.

To put on this free event for our school and n’hood community, donated materials and volunteers are needed. If you are able to donate materials or volunteer for an hour or more, please email Rosalind asap:

Materials requested: 

★ Older iPhones/iPods    ★ Used Drill & Drill Bits/Pieces  ★ Rubber Mallets  ★ Hammers, medium to large size  ★ Needles: large-eye craft or sewing needles, plastic or metal with less-sharp tips   ★ Long balloons, various colors (the type used for balloon animals/novelty)   ★ Small, plastic capsules (the kind used for mini-toys in vending machines/stores)    Saran Wrap ~ Aluminum Foil    Transparent Plastic Sheets, medium to large size   Pipes: plastic, long tubes and U-shape (90 degree) pieces  Remote control cars, medium-large ones Legos: any sizes, colors  Foam noodles: any color, 3-6 feet long (type you use in pools/parks)    String or Yarn, any color and thickness  Cardstock paper, any color    Stickers: any type, sizes, colors  Beads: any color, shape, and size  Buttons: any color and size

Thank you!

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