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Maker Faire

Join us Saturday, April 18, 2020 from 12-4 pm for FSK’s 5th Annual Community Mini-Maker Faire.  FREE ADMISSION. We  will be creating, sewing, building, flying, chalking, shrinking, launching, coding and rocking! Come, create, innovate!

At Francis Scott Key Elementary School, we are continuously seeking learning opportunities for our students.  Our school vision is to create a learning experience that is nurturing, compassionate, supportive and challenging to all students by embracing creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.  To achieve this vision, our Principal Mimi Kasner launched the school’s first Mini Maker Faire in 2015-2016 to bring a STEAM learning experience to the community. Every participant from age 1 to 70+ tremendously enjoyed these activities emphasizing the reuse and recycle of sustainable materials.  

This event has not only brought many exciting hands on activities to our own students; it has also brought the whole Sunset neighborhood community together for this enriching event.  We believe the tiny seed we plant today will nurture the future artist, creator, maker, imagineer, innovator and discoverer. We appreciate this Francis Scott Key’s version of “Greatest Show and Tell on Earth!”.  Over the past 3 years, our community partners have evolved from Tech Shop, Exploratorium, Steve and Kate’s Animation Station, Missfits Lego Robotics, Ozobots, 3D Zone, Rockets, Y Makers, USF, Recology to Walt Disney Museum, Camp 4K, Children’s Creativity Museum, Sunset Mercantile with local artists, and much more.   Let the makers’ inspiration spark your curiosity and creativity!

Hope to see you there!