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Software development companies growing in India!


Software development is one of the most important tasks of every company. IT organizations opt for outsourcing this task to a company that specializes in it. This way the company gets to enjoy a number of additional benefits besides cost reduction and less time consumption. There are a number of software companies in India that are offering development services to clients all over the world. India not only offers cheap labor but promises excellent services as well.

One of the main advantages of outsourcing software development is that the company can enjoy the benefits of having more than one IT professional working for it. Since software Development Company has experts who are skilled and experienced in their field, they can give you advices that can do wonders to your business. The financial benefits of IT outsourcing are also worth noticing. It offers financial benefits like leaner overhead, bulk purchasing and leasing options for hardware and software, and software licenses and also potential compliance with government regulations.


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Even the quality of staff that one gets is better and competent. Outsourcing companies hire people who are skilled and experienced in their field with certificates of their qualifications. Vendors also have multiple resources at their disposal. Internal staff of a company may not have so many resources available at all the time.


Simply your website navigation


A simplified navigation technique is one of the essential points you must keep in mind while making a web application development. Visitors may run out of patience clicking from page to page to get to what they want. Ideally, it is believed that the visitor should get what he wants within 3 clicks. Place and plan your menus and links keeping in mind the visitor who would come to your website.

Multiple navigation points make the task of finding things easier. Repeat the top menu at the bottom to maximize the visitor’s convenience. There should be a left and right menu as well.
You could use links on your website that can directly transfer a visitor to other pages on your website. Create links in such a manner that they help the search engine optimization also.

There are two general ways to create links within your text:

1. The wrong way: “For search engine optimization techniques, click here.”

2. The right way: “Good techniques for search engine optimization are important to use.”

It is a good to use link texts to describe what the link is all about so that the visitor has an idea of wha he’ll be opening if he clicks on the link. Search engine web crawlers (programs that automatically index the contents of websites) visit websites and “read” links. Spiders can index links that are descriptive into a subject or keyword category about ux services for example. Spiders have nothing to work with when they read a “click here” until it is taken to the linked page.

This is called Cross Linking and it is advisable to use it as mush as possible wherever needed.


Growing rate of offshore Software development in India


The concept of offshore development in India is growing at a great pace. More and more companies are outsourcing their development work to other companies in a different company where labor is available at a cheap rate. This way a company is able to concentrate on its core activities while its software development work is taken care of by experts in another country.


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Outsourcing contracts contain baselines and assumptions; there is no fixed-price contract. The client pay for whatever additional work happens apart from the estimate. It is however a very surprising fact and the IT organizations are not quite satisfied with the fact that the vendor expects to be paid for incremental scope changes. Generally, a project changes by 10%-15% during the development cycle.

Government oversight is faced by most organizations including utilities, financial services, institutions, healthcare organizations and it company. IT organizations should make sure that their offshore software developer is well aware of industry-specific requirements.

Also the vendor should be genuine and should comply with government regulations. Another important point to keep in mind while choosing the developer is that there should be enough ‘transparency’ so that you know that it does comply to the government regulations and is easily accountable during audits.


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