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Jami Walker
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Jami Walker
Jami Walker
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The hallmark of the internet is communication. Communication that happens so fast, that not even real-world proximity can keep up with it. In fact, you could probably reach your next door neighbor faster if you just emailed him rather than walking over and knocking on his door. That’s pretty powerful. Powerful enough to the point where it’s almost bewildering to find that many people are still underestimating the usefulness of video expression.


Before we continue, let it be known that there is no better form of communication than real-life interaction. In a world where the most superior form of currency has become information, we look for ways to capitalize on any opportunity that makes communication convenient. But we often forget that impersonal communication is only useful to a certain extent – the more personal you can make something, the more powerful it becomes. Whether it’s a business meeting, a professional presentation or a simple conversation with a relative, never will a written email or a cell phone text message become more expressive than a face to face interaction. This is where video conferencing comes into play.


A lack of proximity is a barrier. The farther we find ourselves away from someone, the harder it becomes to integrate the necessary amount of energy and momentum into the things we need to say. But why limit yourself when there’s a free channel of communication out there that allows you to see the faces of people from across the ocean? Why bother stressing over the possibility of missing a work meeting when the presence of your coworkers is only as far away as your mouse button?


With online chatting rooms, you’ll find that you can accomplish almost any form of personal communication in the most convenient manner possible. The only trick is finding the service that can offer it to you in the right way.


Communication is not a sacred tool that can instantly empower someone, but rather a gift that must be used correctly in order to yield the benefits. Therefore, putting a price tag on communication is selfish. Don’t sell yourself short by giving into profit hounds.


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