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We need DONATIONS for our upcoming AUCTION

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We are very low on donations of items to our upcoming Auction on March 13 and need your help & support.  Without enough items to auction off, we cannot hold the event and raise much-needed funds for our school.  

If you are able to donate an item for our upcoming Online Auction (March 13-19), please email our Auction Chairs today at 


What types of donations are we looking to add to our Auction? 
- Art (prints, photography, ceramic, other)
- Books for kids, adults 
- Toys, games, puzzles
- Classroom projects from our K-5 classes (email us for ideas)
- Sports memorabilia or gear
- Subscriptions to online camps, classes
- Subscriptions or Gift certificates to safe, small, outdoor, in-person camps
- WINE, BEER, and LIQUOR for our Treasure Booze Chests
- Gift certificates to local shops, grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, or services that are open  
- Home goods
*we prefer NEW, UNUSED items only, please

Thank you for your support!