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Becoming a FSK PTA member is a way to keep a direct line to friends, family, and community by making sure your voice is heard on important issues that affect our school and our children, and it’s the easiest way to directly support our amazing staff.  If you have not already done so, please follow this link and join the FSK PTA today:

Click Here:

While you are joining, and if you are able, please also consider a direct donation. Your membership fees and any direct donation are tax deductible (our tax ID is 94-2569531), something to consider before this calendar year ends Thursday, Dec 31st.   2021 is fast approaching, and with it additional challenges that we can and will meet not as individual islands, but as a unified community.  We are stronger together, and together we will come through this and move forward.

If you have any questions about joining the PTA, making a direct donation, or concerns about Brendon’s new obsession with Animal Crossing, please do not hesitate to email Brendon at

Please Join the FSK PTA Today!  Thank you for your support!




*Animal Crossing image by our PTA VP of Membership

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