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Back to School Staff Care Package Fundraiser ~ September 27

Shhh…don’t tell our 91 educators and staff! 

We put together a special care package for every incredible, tireless, awesome FSK and ASLP staff in appreciation of all they’re doing for our students and families. We don’t want to ruin the surprise of what we got for them, so we can’t post what’s inside the gift packages.  We appreciate any and all donations from our community to help make sure each staff member gets a package.

Suggested donation: $30 per package 

Care Package Donations accepted by Sept 27th:

(Click HERE if link above doesn’t work and click on “Feeling Generous” PayPal button option to donate directly using PayPal.)

or a Check made to ‘FSK PTA’ and mailed to:   FSK PTA Care Package, Attn. Fundraising, 1530 43rd Ave, SF 94122

Thank you for showing love for our educators and staff!
Our FSK Community rocks!

Questions?  Email Tina at  



我们为每位令人难以置信,孜孜不倦,出色的FSK和ASLP员工提供特殊照顾礼物,以感谢他们为我们的学生和家庭所做的一切。 我们不想破坏他们购买的惊喜,因此我们无法将其发布在礼品包装中。 我们感谢社区的所有捐款,以帮助确保每个员工都收到包裹。

建议捐款:每包$ 30


或者,将支票写到“ FSK PTA”并将其邮寄到FSK PTA护理包裹,Attn: 筹款活动, 1530 43rd Ave SF 94122


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